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We have dealt with hundreds of small constructions and dozens of large ones in the energy industry. Thanks to our rich experience, we know clients and technologists’ requirements. We lay a strong emphasis on communication with all participating parties in order that the project is feasible and compliant with a client’s requirements.

The energy industry is specific in creating construction facilities for technology. Conceptually, we design construction in such a way that it is functional, applying our proven methods. A final shape of the construction is always adjusted to a particular client and their requirements. We have earned our investors’ trust thanks to our functional and simple solutions that we keep innovating. Meeting deadlines is enormously important for us. Thanks to that, our client is guaranteed that they would receive a feasible custom-made solution as in advance within an agreed deadline.


Industrial Park and Logistic Centre Sereď Tr 110/22 kV

Reconstruction of ES 110/22 kV Hurbanovo

TVS Levice Replacement 

Set of energy constructions Veľké Kostoľany

Replacement of Transformers T401, T402 and the Remote Control in Est Spišská Nová Ves

Remote control of ES Rimavská Sobota + T402

Remote control and replacement of transformer T404 in ESt Podunajské Biskupice

A set of Energy Constructions for TR 110/22 kV Púchov and TNS ŽSR Connection

Dubnica nad Váhom – HC – Complex Reconstruction of TR 110/22 kV, Separation of Technology from the SE-VET Equipment

TR STUPAVA – Extension of Rz 110kV in connection with Adding the Transformer T 402 400/110/33kV SEPS

Project Documentation – “Reconstruction of ES Trenčín Skalka”

ES Čulenova – Reconstruction of RZ 110 kV

VVN Reconstruction of TR 110/22 kV Holič

Substation of R400 kV Horná Žďana – Extension

Switching Station 400kV Gabčíkovo

We have dealt with approximately 368 projects and executions.
Whole our portfolio can be viewed here.


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