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We focus on the elaboration of complex projects of civil and industrial constructions and of architectonic studies. We take care of engineering services associated with the preparation and execution of constructions in order to keep you away from worries. We ensure expert supervision and/or an investor’s expert supervision to guarantee that everything is done as planned. We are with you since the first visualisation up to completed execution of works and their satisfied use.

Individual projects and services in this area include several stages of elaboration that can be ordered individually or as a complex

Architektonické, zastavovacie štúdie

Architectonic and construction development studies

A fundamental custom-made design subject to your requirements. Always with the emphasis put on each and every client’s individual needs.  



A design in the form of 3D image visualizations to have an idea of a finished project.

Zoning Permit Documentation

The conditions for location of the construction in respective area and all requirements of the project stated by law, which are necessary to situate a construction.

Projektová dokumentácia

Project Documentation for the purpose of Building Permit

Documentation necessary for receiving the building permit for the construction.

Dokumentácia pre výber zhotoviteľa DVZ

Contractor Selection Documentation

Tender documentation as a basis for selection of the execution company.

Execution Documentation

A complete list of materials and products that must be used by a supplier for the construction. We often elaborate the custom-made documentation in line with a construction supplier requirements and methods.

Dokumentácia skutočného vyhotovenia DSV

As-built Documentation

All indicated changes which were performed during the construction period and approved by the site supervisor and investor.

Dokumentácia skutočného stavu

As-Built Documents and an Expert Visual Check

Accurate documenting of the status of the existing construction.

Dokumentácia pre územné rozhodnutie DUR

Engineering activity 

All matters associated with the building permit that we carry out in the name of investor with a purpose to arrange the preparation and execution.

Autorský dozor

Author Supervision

Supervision over the construction over the course of the whole execution.

Stavebný dozor

Construction supervision

Supervision over the construction in accordance with terms and conditions of building and other permits and of a contract for work.

Energetický certifikát

Energy performance certificate

A set of data that classify a building from the perspective of utility parameters and energy efficiency.


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