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We specialize mainly in industrial construction and the energy industry, being one of the leaders in this field of expertise in Slovakia. In addition, we also deal with housing and shopping centre construction as well as with custom-made constructions according to your requirements.

We keep seeking new innovative solutions that are not only functional but also tailored for each and every client.


We have prepared hundreds of small constructions and dozens of large ones. Thanks to our rich experience, we know requirements of our clients and technologists. We deliver a product which has to be adjusted for a minimum according to a client’s requirements.


We design huge factories, extensions, reconstructions and logistic halls for large enterprises. We are a reliable business partner, thanks to which we keep establishing long-term cooperation with numerous clients. We always look for solutions and ways how to oblige our client and not reasons why it cannot be done.


We design business centres across Slovakia. Thanks to our experience and the information we gained within previous projects, we can act and implement required changes promptly.


We can conceive a new housing neighbourhood and take care of all associated matters ranging from utilities up to its connection to roads. We consider the latest trends and technologies in each and every construction.


We are open to designing custom-made constructions. We apply all our experience, our proven system of work and our seasoned team to all our projects. Thanks to that, we have firm foundations that are always flexible towards clients and their requirements.